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Lice sucks

Autumn has lice. I've spent the entire day trying to eradicate it from my home. I oiled up Autumn's hair with olive oil, combed through it with a special comb. After that I shampooed her hair with the awful bad lice shampoo, and spent two more hours combing her hair. During this time I washed all our sheets, pillows, any recent clothing. I vacuumed the girls car seats. I vacuumed the house. I've been a pure maniac about it. I want to wash my hair with the lice shampoo but am waiting till Dave comes home because I need him to comb it with the special nit comb.


Staycation all I ever wanted

This summer has been so busy with going camping almost every weekend and work being very busy, I feel like I have missed the girls so much more, in fact yesterday Autumn said, are we having family time? Family time? Yes, usually its Daddy, Tilda and me but you are here too! so yes, family time.

Due to all this and having the time I took two weeks off from work. We will visit museums, go to Boston, go camping in Maine and just chill. I am so glad to have the time.

Jul. 14th, 2013

The girls are at my parents house this weekend. I had to work yesterday and Dave took a further MA teachers licensure test for social studies. This should help him with the job search.

We went out to dinner last night and walked all over Boston, I miss living in the city.

Mathilda is 3. I can't believe it. She is a really happy sweet kid, very giving. Autumn was pitching a fit because Mathilda got the new red toothbrush and she wanted it. The next day Mathilda gave Autumn the red toothbrush, she said she'd take the green one and gave Autumn a hug.

Mama Friends

I have had a really hard time making friends with the mother's of Autumn and Mathilda's friends. I've felt isolated because I work full time and live in a wealthy town where it is the norm for there to be stay at home mothers. But tonight I think I met a kindred spirit!

This is 40.

me. How did I get here???

It blows my mind. From working with some kick ass women who are in their 50s and 60s I know that life is what you make it and I will do that.
I am trying to write this with two giggling girls on my bed.
I think I have to go find out what they are doing.

Where have I been??

I don't like when people say oh I am so busy, almost as though they want a medal. Yet this month I've felt like that. At work I just finished writing my first grant, customer experience in the digital age. The feedback I've received has made me feel like all the time and effort I've put into it was worth it. I turn in the final draft next week. Tomorrow the town votes on a building plan to renovate the library. Fingers crossed that it passes.

I've also taken on the role of treasurer for our condo association. blech. Not happy about it, I'm learning to use quickbooks and deciphering the previous treasurer's notes.

I had to work two Saturday's in a row, and Dave is super busy so my parent's came over and watched the girls. We've been so busy juggling our schedules.

I honestly get jealous of those who can stay home with their kids-I think in my ideal world I'd work part time. However, this is not the ideal world and we live in a very expensive state so off to full time work I go!

Jan. 3rd, 2013

After a wonderful holiday break I went back to work and immediately turned around and went back home with a stomach bug. Yuck. I feel gross.

Anyway, I took the week off, working Sunday the 23rd and Saturday the 29th but off every day in between. We had friends visit, went to see great Christmas lights, went to the Enchanted Village, visited family, had a very mild, no drama Christmas and just chilled. It was so nice to just be with the girls and Dave. We do not get enough of that.


I am feeling so down since the shooting on Friday. I have imposed a no news policy on myself but think about those poor children especially in regards to having a kindergartener myself.

So sad.

Trying to get in the spirit of the season because the girls are so excited and we have done a few holiday things, I took Autumn to see the nutcracker and we participated in a holiday peace pageant at the UU church we belong to.

Dave and I are fighting, very stressed because of his work and now my car needs to be fixed, yet again.

I am such a joy today!

I saw Leonard Cohen on Sunday night and it was wonderful. He is such a gentleman and so gracious. He skipped across the stage and sang at some points on his knees. The man is close to 80.

First day of School

First day of School 001 by superfizz
First day of School 001, a photo by superfizz on Flickr.

Autumn started kindergarten today. As you can see, she was super excited. We had some snafus, no busing, just got the bill for the full day and owe 1300 on it already. However, she seems to love it already, although cried a bit yesterday at orientation she practically jumped out of the car this morning. I was a blubbering mess. I can't believe my baby is five and in kindergarten. It goes so fast.

Update and update

This is an update from my last post about yelling at the girls. I am reading The Happiest Toddler on the block and finding it extremely helpful both with Mathilda and Autumn, I've got two more books to read through but already using techniques from this particular book. I am definitely noticing a difference.

Autumn is starting kindergarten on Thursday. I'm freaking out. I keep looking at pictures of her as a baby and cannot believe that she is five and just growing up. Mathilda has started her new daycare and I am happy with her. I'm pissed at the previous daycare though. We had Autumn there for two years, 27,000 dollars total. We pulled Mathilda out after putting a deposit down in the spring, I sent a letter at the end of July stating we'd not be enrolling her, we moved, needed a closer location, etc. Apparently they do not give refunds of deposits. This was half a month's tuition. 450 dollars. The director said we could possibly get the money back if someone else took her place. I am a little sick about this but hopeful that it will be filled. The director was also so rude about the whole thing. Seriously, I am sure others have pulled out in July, lives change!

Anyway, a brand new school year begins. I am hopeful it will be good.